"I try to keep my music as honest as possible. To me, the best music is authentic and real, it has to resonate with people. That’s how I write my songs, I just tell the truth"

Aymber is a South Florida based Pop-R&B singer who has been writing since she picked up her pawnshop guitar back in 2012.

"I spent my last check on a guitar I saw hanging in the window of a pawn shop and I never put it down."

She taught herself how to play and wrote her first song the day she took her guitar home, but Aymber still had a pretty long journey ahead of her.

“I was really shy when I started, I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear what I was doing. I would post videos on YouTube from time to time, but nothing really happened.” 

Two months after posting her first YouTube video (with a little push from her family and friends) she decided to go to a local open mic. The response from the crowd was enough to convince her that she should keep going.

Aymber continued to sing at local open mics and showcases until she eventually secured a gig as a background singer in an up and coming country band.

“I learned a lot about live performances, and I overcame my stage fright, so I think it was a necessary path that I had to take, even though I ended up doing something completely different”

In 2017, Aymber found her musical home at A2F Studios, and in 2018 she signed her first deal as a singer/songwriter under A2F Publishing.

“I’m just happy that I’m working with people that I can truly call my family. They believe in me, they see my vision, they support me and they want me to succeed. That was very important to me.

Aymber is still writing and performing all around Florida. Her debut album "Write It All Down" will be available everywhere December 20, 2019!

Instagram: @aymber_sings
Twitter: @aymber_sings

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